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This Is My Story

Hi - I'm Michael. At the age of 15 I found myself leaving my beautiful native country Switzerland, heading to my even more beautiful home land of Israel.  Since then, I find myself exploring this amazing country and learning the history and culture of it's people.  After a long business career, i finally decided to turn this passion into my profession, with the aim to turn your visit to Israel into an unforgetable fun and interesting experience.    

What Makes Me Special

Fun and Friendly

Join a fun and friendly tour guide who turns every step of your journey into a joyful adventure, creating an atmosphere filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories

Tailor Made Experience

Embark on a tailor-made expedition led by a knowledgeable guide who takes pride in crafting immersive experiences, ensuring that your trip is as unique and special as you are.

Hidden Gem Destinations

Discover the extraordinary with a tour guide who brings a personal touch to every adventure, revealing hidden gems and sharing captivating stories that make your journey truly unforgettable.


“Thanks again for the fun time you gave us on our family vacation in Israel.  The kids loved it. They never had such a fun learning experience”

The Millers

“Hey. I'm so happy I took the few hours to spend with you on my busineess trip.  It was both, fun and meaningful.  You live in a very special country”

Eric B.

“It was amazing experiencing with you the "REAL" Israel.  We will definetly hire you again on our next trip to experience further places, which will probably be very soon”

Jackie and Lara

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“The mountains skipped like rams, the hills like sheep” 

Psalms 114, 4

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